Rabu, 3 Ogos 2011

One Words.


No wonder i am not in the mood since morning,my feeling is not good,and i am lost with something,and suddenly,something bad happen to me,not in my mind at all,and its my fault,i am the one that make things worst,with one words,i am ruining everything,maybe for my entire life,and i didn't see it,i feel like a shit,i messed up everything.

Its suppose to be a great day today,enjoying,cheering,with my best buddies,but sorry guys,i cannot make it,i may look happy with the smile,with laugh,ate till i cannot stand anymore,but inside my mind,inside my heart,i am thinking about something,something bad,something misery,something important to me,yes,its important to me,and i know that u guys realize it,and try to keep me smiling all the time,thank you guys,for be at my side,cheering me when i'm sad,advice me when i'm lost,such a great friends i have.

You,i am here because of you,for seeking your forgiveness,i am sorry if i made a mistake,i'm sorry for my words,my action,my behavior,i'm sorry for hurting you.I'm sorry again.Hope you will read this.And put some consideration on me.


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